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PLC Programming Software: B&R Automation Studio

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– New text editor
The new text editor provides functions such as outlining, code snippets, highlighting changed lines and more. This makes programming and navigating in the code even more efficient.
– Object orientation with C++
The use of C++, a recognized and established OOP language, increases the reusability of source code and opens up whole new possibilities for modularizing machines.
– Linking to databases
The AsDB library for linking to databases provides extensive options for storing data on SQL servers, linking to production controllers, tracking products, etc.
– New Ladder Diagram functions
The new Compute and Compare functions make it even easier to display and manage complex tasks in Ladder Diagram.
– Code snippets
Code snippets can be used to define code fragments for frequently used statements in textual programming languages.
– Torque control
New PLCopen function blocks make it easier to detect and evaluate torque control applications. These function blocks are seamlessly integrated in the PLCopen Motion Control environment.

– System Diagnostics Manager
The I/O and and axis monitors in SDM increase the efficiency of commissioning and service. The newly integrated system dump function simplifies support and documents the actual state of the machine
– Watch in logical view
Access to the watch function has been simplified. Direct access to the watch function from the logical view simplifies debugging during development and when performing service.
– Save source code to CF
The ability to automatically save the source code to a CF card ensures that the correct project is always available on the machine or system, protected by an optional password.

– Need for speed
The Visual Components editor has been optimized to increase speed and reduce memory capacity.
– Gauge control
Using a gauge, measurement values can be displayed in a clear form that can be quickly read.
– Handwheel operation
With displays that have a handwheel, it is possible to navigate on the page and change values in entry fields.
– Slider control
The slider control helps the machine operator when entering parameters by providing a visual representation of a numeric value.
– Installing language resources
Language resources for the visualization application can be copied to the CompactFlash later during runtime, without having to build the project.

– Simulation of drives
The motion simulation now makes it even easier to switch between operating real hardware and the simulation – without making any changes to the hardware or software configuration.
– SDM Motion
The integration of motion diagnostics places actual status info, logbooks and oscilloscope functions at your fingertips.

– Runtime Utility Center
The Runtime Utility Center is a tool integrated in Automation Studio to help users install and distribute projects.


• Procesador Core 2 Duo 2GHz o superior


• 2GB de RAM


• Tarjeta gráfica de 512 MB o superior


• DirectX 9.0 o superior


• 4 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro
• Windows XP en adelante





• Tamaño del Archivo: 3.2 GB
•Formato: .rar
• Idioma: English,German
Desarrollador: br-automation.com
• Activacion: Si contiene las instrucciones en la carpeta de descarga
•Servidor: MEGA
 Contraseña del Archivo: www.deingenieria.com

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 4,00 out of 5)

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  • 28 enero, 2015

    No puedo descomprimir los archivos

  • 21 agosto, 2015

    A mi me paso lo mismo!

  • 30 agosto, 2015

    No puedo descargar. Solo bajo un rar que me da error

  • 30 agosto, 2015
    De Ingenieria:

    que error te da?


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